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5 Tips and 5 Totally FREE Tools To Elevate Your Digital Presence

This post was written for Volunteer Toronto and was originally published on their website. Check them out!

No Digital Marketing Manager? Here's How To Get By!
Grassroots groups and non-profits are often strapped for resources, and it's not uncommon for volunteers, members and staff to wear many hats. Is your Kitchen Assistant managing your website? Are you tweeting two weeks' worth of content at 2 a.m. on Friday because that's the only time you have to do it? Some say, "Never judge a book by its cover," but many of us still do. The same can be said for your online presence. Not everyone is going to care if your Facebook cover photo is badly cropped and pixelated, but ignoring comments, having impossible-to-find contact information, or being invisible on Google may cost you clients, followers, and/or legitimacy. If this sounds familiar, these tips and tools are here help. 

New Year, New Obligatory New Year Post

In 2016 I wished for strength, purpose, and focus. A new path.
2017 was filled with so many challenges that made me stronger, a gallon of tears, self-doubt that became self-discovery, mistakes that became goals, bravado that became confidence, pain that made joy sweeter. It was also filled with love, friends, endless laughter, new connections, learning, magic, and so much hard work. I can see the hurdles still ahead.
I am confident that the seeds I planted this year will grow into better health and increased energy, a job that I love, new and deeper connections, tiny triumphs, beautiful art, and a clearer path ahead. via GIPHY

Happy New Year! I hope you go at your own pace and that all of your dreams come true!