Fat Shaming DJT Makes You (almost) As Bad As Him

It’s so sad - and so so so hurtful - to see people I consider friends participating in this moment of national fat shaming. I’m not sure why I’m surprised anymore though. Racists, fascists, nazis... aren't that way because of the size of their bodies. Fat is not inherently bad, and fat people are just people, like you.   I get that fat shaming is perfectly acceptable in our society, and that it permeates every facet of life, but if you have any fat people in your life, know that your jokes are cutting through them.   We already walk through a cold, uncaring, and cruel world where our bodies are mocked, pathologized, demonized, and rejected literally every minute of every day.   You, our friends, our family, the people we love, are supposed to be a safe space, a place where we can feel normal, not like outcasts, not like undateable grotesque monsters, like... we matter.

The sexual landscape has changed: Stay safe

As a 41 year old woman who's been sexually active for over 25 years, I've seen a lot of things change: One of them being men's behaviour in the bedroom. Somewhere around my mid-20s I remember noticing that spanking had become more common. I'm not opposed to consensual slaps, or power play, but I still find it so fucking weird when a guy slaps my ass. Like, it would never, ever occur to me to strike a partner during sex (unless perhaps it's a terrible ex, or someone with whom I have a contentious relationship). Why did most of the men I was fucking think it was cool? Did they think I enjoyed this? Did they even care?

#TBT Colouring Page

This colouring page was born from the first thing I sketched out after many years of not drawing or painting. It was intended to go onto cards, for clients, that they could colour in if they wished. It was created at a beautiful afternoon potluck crafternoon, and always reminds me of that day. Aside from the original (shown below), I don't know if this has ever actually been coloured in!  If you'd like a printable copy to colour, please comment below!

The Pain of Politics - It's Personal

Last night, Ontarians voted in a majority PC government–led by the alleged former drug dealer (and rumoured murderer) and brother of Toronto's infamous Crack smoking former mayor.

5 Tips and 5 Totally FREE Tools To Elevate Your Digital Presence

This post was written for Volunteer Toronto and was originally published on their website . Check them out!   No Digital Marketing Manager?  Here's How To Get By! Grassroots groups and non-profits are often strapped for resources, and it's not uncommon for volunteers, members and staff to wear many hats. Is your Kitchen Assistant managing your website? Are you tweeting two weeks' worth of content at 2 a.m. on Friday because that's the only time you have to do it? Some say, "Never judge a book by its cover," but many of us still do. The same can be said for your online presence. Not everyone is going to care if your Facebook cover photo is badly cropped and pixelated, but ignoring comments, having impossible-to-find contact information, or being invisible on Google may cost you clients, followers, and/or legitimacy. If this sounds familiar, these tips and tools are here help. 

New Year, New Obligatory New Year Post

In 2016 I wished for strength, purpose, and focus. A new path. 2017 was filled with so many challenges that made me stronger, a gallon of tears, self-doubt that became self-discovery, mistakes that became goals, bravado that became confidence, pain that made joy sweeter. It was also filled with love, friends, endless laughter, new connections, learning, magic, and so much hard work. I can see the hurdles still ahead. I am confident that the seeds I planted this year will gro w into better health and increased energy, a job that I love, new and deeper connections, tiny triumphs, beautiful art, and a clearer path ahead. via GIPHY Happy New Year! I hope you go at your own pace and that all of your dreams come true!

Dear Woman,

Definitely do not let him move in. But if you do, don't be ashamed for loving someone deeply. If you lost yourself, changed yourself, thought they could complete you, depended on their attention and approval, let their whims dictate your moods, your self-worth, spent hours refreshing your inbox, ignoring your friends and family, waiting, wondering why they didn't love you back... It's OK. Even if you're doing it right now, it's OK. You are human and you want to be loved. So don't be ashamed. Don't be foolish either.  No one will ever love you as much as you can love yourself, and no one is going to save you from that. But there is no shame in not having learned it yet, in never learning it. The rules are different for women. The rules state that we must be lovable to have worth, that we are innately devoted, that love means sacrificing ourselves. The rules are lies. Photo:

Interview: Diana Tso discusses her new play, Comfort

I had the chance to ask writer Diana Tso a few questions about her play, Comfort , recently. The show is described as: "Comfort is the love story of two Chinese youth; a fisherman, Ping Yang, and the daughter of an esteemed silk merchant, Dan Feng, who find love and friendship in their shared passion for opera against the backdrop of World War II. As the war rages on, their city of Nanjing is captured and occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army, setting off the Nanjing Massacre where hundreds of thousands of citizens were brutally murdered. The lovers become separated when Dan Feng is captured and imprisoned in a comfort house in Shanghai." Check out our Q&A below the cut!

Dragon Chase

Sometimes the reality Far exceeds the fantasy And you laugh And it's easy And you kiss And you're in it  And it tingles And you're ready And on fire and Just... So... Close... And then you're naked And he feels bad And it's been hours And he's declined to sleep over And is walking out the door And you sit on the throne And remember And miss the one before And you wonder Because women often do Was it the wine Or was it you? Photo courtesy:

Interview: Kate Werneburg talks Titus Andronicus

Seven Siblings Theatre takes on Shakespeare's first revenge tragedy, Titus Andronicus Seven Siblings Theatre , whom I've previously mentioned here and here , are going classic with their take on Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus .  Widely considered to be his first revenge tragedy play, and often dismissed during his time as low-brow fare, it tells the story of a creepy Roman general, and the woman who seeks revenge on him.  I had the chance to ask actress Kate Werneburg a few questions about the show. Her answers are below the cut. If you'd like to read my other interviews, reviews, and curated theatre posts, please see my author page at .