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Interview: Diana Tso discusses her new play, Comfort

I had the chance to ask writer Diana Tso a few questions about her play, Comfort, recently. The show is described as: "Comfort is the love story of two Chinese youth; a fisherman, Ping Yang, and the daughter of an esteemed silk merchant, Dan Feng, who find love and friendship in their shared passion for opera against the backdrop of World War II. As the war rages on, their city of Nanjing is captured and
occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army, setting off the Nanjing Massacre where hundreds of thousands of citizens were brutally murdered. The lovers become separated when Dan Feng is captured and imprisoned in a comfort house in Shanghai."
Check out our Q&A below the cut!

Dragon Chase

Sometimes the reality
Far exceeds the fantasy
And you laugh
And it's easy
And you kiss
And you're in it 
And it tingles
And you're ready
And on fire and
Just... So... Close...
And then you're naked

And he feels bad
And it's been hours
And he's declined to sleep over
And is walking out the door
And you sit on the throne
And remember
And miss the one before
And you wonder
Because women often do
Was it the wine
Or was it you?

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