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Dear Woman,

Definitely do not let him move in.

But if you do, don't be ashamed for loving someone deeply.
If you lost yourself,
changed yourself,
thought they could complete you,
depended on their attention and approval,
let their whims dictate your moods, your self-worth,
spent hours refreshing your inbox, ignoring your friends and family,
waiting, wondering why they didn't love you back...

It's OK.

Even if you're doing it right now, it's OK.

You are human and you want to be loved.

So don't be ashamed.

Don't be foolish either.  No one will ever love you as much as you can love yourself,
and no one is going to save you from that.

But there is no shame in not having learned it yet,
in never learning it.

The rules are different for women.
The rules state that we must be lovable to have worth,
that we are innately devoted,
that love means sacrificing ourselves.

The rules are lies.