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Interview: Diana Tso discusses her new play, Comfort

I had the chance to ask writer Diana Tso a few questions about her play, Comfort, recently. The show is described as: "Comfort is the love story of two Chinese youth; a fisherman, Ping Yang, and the daughter of an esteemed silk merchant, Dan Feng, who find love and friendship in their shared passion for opera against the backdrop of World War II. As the war rages on, their city of Nanjing is captured and
occupied by the Japanese Imperial Army, setting off the Nanjing Massacre where hundreds of thousands of citizens were brutally murdered. The lovers become separated when Dan Feng is captured and imprisoned in a comfort house in Shanghai."
Check out our Q&A below the cut!

Dragon Chase

Sometimes the reality
Far exceeds the fantasy
And you laugh
And it's easy
And you kiss
And you're in it 
And it tingles
And you're ready
And on fire and
Just... So... Close...
And then you're naked

And he feels bad
And it's been hours
And he's declined to sleep over
And is walking out the door
And you sit on the throne
And remember
And miss the one before
And you wonder
Because women often do
Was it the wine
Or was it you?

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Interview: Kate Werneburg talks Titus Andronicus

Seven Siblings Theatre takes on Shakespeare's first revenge tragedy, Titus AndronicusSeven Siblings Theatre, whom I've previously mentioned here and here, are going classic with their take on Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

Widely considered to be his first revenge tragedy play, and often dismissed during his time as low-brow fare, it tells the story of a creepy Roman general, and the woman who seeks revenge on him. 

I had the chance to ask actress Kate Werneburg a few questions about the show. Her answers are below the cut. If you'd like to read my other interviews, reviews, and curated theatre posts, please see my author page at

Recipe: Spanish Rice

THIS one is going into my regular recipe rotation!

I served this - along with some spicy sausage and caesar salad - at dinner on Friday. My friends and I all loved it. It served three of us as a side dish, and there were two large servings left over. I just finished the last bit of it (on Sunday), cold, and it was so delicious.

As with everything, use what you've got and substitute where necessary. I'm a huge fan of experimenting in the kitchen.

Spanish-style RiceIngredients:
• 1 c. basmati rice, rinsed
• Approx. 1 1/4 c. water (Basmati / water ratio is usually 1:1, so I used a bit extra. Adjust this to suit whichever type of rice you're using)
• 1 small can tomato paste
• 1 fresh tomato, chopped
• 1 fresh jalapeno pepper, chopped and de-seeded (next time I'll use two. I wasn't quite spicy enough)
• 3/4 cup whole kernel corn (I used frozen, but canned or fresh would do nicely)
• 1 of each: Chopped and de-seeded red and yellow bell peppers • 1 large onion, chopped

Interview: Will King on "Rhinoceros" (At Rhino)

Will King - Artistic Director and Producer at Seven Siblings Theatre - took the time to answer some questions about the company's upcoming show: Rhinoceros (written Eugène Ionesco).

It's about a small town invaded by a herd of Rhinceros, and one person's escape from it.

Here's what Will had to say about this "absurdist masterpiece" :

Interview: A Chat With my Musical Crush, The Bicycle Opera

If you read my reviews for Mooney On Theatre (and if you're not regularly visiting Mooney on Theatre, you should start right now), you may remember my review of The Bicycle Opera's Shadow Box in 2015. It was my first opera, my first time seeing any sort of performance in a bicycle shop, and it was a truly unforgettable experience!

This year I was lucky enough to ask The Bicycle Opera's co-founder Larissa Koniuk a few questions about their new production, Travelogue, part of the Toy Piano Composers nine day Curiosity Festival.

Travelogue is two nights only, so get your tickets now (details at the bottom).

Recipe: Bacon and Kale Potato Salad

Are you ready for the yummiest, most decadent potato salad ever? Sure, it has kale in it, but... well... you'll see.

I came up with this a few weeks ago when my friend was coming by for dinner. The kale was more of an after-thought, and honestly... it was added in because it was about to expire. My friend absolutely LOVED it, so I made it again last night because I love her!

This recipe is equally delicious in vegetarian style. Simply omit the bacon (and cook the kale in olive oil).

Bacon and Kale Potato Salad Ingredients:
- 5 or 6 medium potatoes - use whatever kind you like. I've used both red and yellow and both were equally good. Cook whole with some bay leaf and 2-3 cloves of garlic, drain and cool. Save the soft garlic cloves for the dressing. Once cooled cut the potatoes into bite-sized cubes.
- 1/2 lb or so of bacon, cut into small bits and cooked until crispy (I use kitchen scissors and just cut it right into the frying pan). Drain and SAVE the bacon grease in the pa…

Interview: Erika Downie talks directing Steve Martin's "Picasso at the Lapin Agile"

I was lucky enough to have the chance to recently interview Erika Downie. She's a co-founder of Seven Siblings Theatre, and is also directing the company's production of Steve Martin's Picasso at the Lapin Agile. I also got to enjoy the opening performance last night at Round Venue - a fully functional bar - and I was quite delighted with the unusual and interesting setting.

Here's what Erika had to say:

Adventures in Dating Part 2 – Tips to Combat the Ghosting (and other dating) Blues

For Adventures in Dating Part 1, come on over here!

I posted this a while ago as a comment on a lovely friend's facebook post, but I think it's helpful to anyone who dates online and is looking for something more than just a one-nighter.

Rude-ass behaviour like "ghosting" is INCREDIBLY common these days, and dating can be really hard (when it's not being incredibly fun).

Hopefully some of you find these things *I* do to be helpful. I'm someone who used to get HELLA depressed about my dating life (and I still do - but now only on rare occasions). I've expanded a bit on a few of the points
As always, If you've got any fun stories, tips, adventures use the #AdventuresInDating hashtag. 
1. I take online dating (and all dating) VERY lightly.

2. I watch people's actions. Someone who can't find 30 secs to send a quick text when we've made tentative plans is either not into me, or they're just too busy to date. Or, I'm what I call their &…

Interview: Dmitry Zhukovsky and Rena Polley talk Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard"

I had a chance recently to ask some questions of Dmitry Zhukovsky and Rena Polley regarding their joint venture of bringing Anton Chekhov's famous play, The Cherry Orchard, to Toronto stages. 
Check out reviews, and The Chekhov Collective, here!
Here's what Rena and Dmitry had to say about The Cherry Orchard (text edited for spelling and clarity);

Adventures in Dating, Part 1 – 26 Things to Expect

If you've got any fun stories, tips, adventures use the #AdventuresInDating hashtag on twitter!

This is the first in a series of posts about dating online, inspired by friends who are new to it and having a bit of a hard time. Their struggles are all familiar, and things I've gone through myself - I've been using online dating sites on and off for more than a decade. Back in the day it was AOL and ICQ, more recently Plenty of Fish (POF) and OkCupid (OKc).

When I first started, I wasted hours with guys who said inappropriate things, were horrible dates, and who just wanted to have sex with me (not what I was or am currently seeking). I made all of the same mistakes.

Online dating has changed quite a lot in the past few years. Hookup apps like tinder are very popular now. Sexual (and non-sexual) harassment of women has increased dramatically in recent years. Fetishization of fat women, women of Colour (especially Black and Asian women) is an epidemic.

My 2015 was a year fill…