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Recipe: One-bowl Caramel Coconut Brownies

Special thanks to for this (and many other) delicious and simple recipes!

I've been craving sweet stuff all week (it's only Wednesday, but whatever). My plans to make carrot cake were foiled by just missing too many ingredients and being a bit cash strapped at the moment. I thought "brownies!" but didn't have enough cocoa.

Then I remembered the super-easy, few-ingredient blondies I made last year for Christmas. I made them with raisins then, and called them "butter tart brownies". I didn't have raisins, or vanilla, but I went ahead anyways. Brown sugar, butter, and flour really can't go wrong, right?

Well! I made a few substitutions, and they were so good that I'll now be making them this way! The original blondies recipe I worked with can be found here:

One-bowl Caramel Coconut BrowniesMelt in a heat proof bowl (I place the bowl over a pot with boiling water since I don'…

Dear Fat Women: Mediocre Men

I totally, completely, 100% understand why fat women sometimes fall all over ourselves and/or compete for the attentions of men who attend plus-sized events, comment positively on the images of women like Tess Holliday, join "bbw" groups, and openly proclaim their attraction to large women. I've done it myself countless times.

Literally every time I click on an image of Tess on her facebook page, there are - obviously - countless comments from appreciative men. She's incredibly beautiful, it isn't surprising. When one of those men is even remotely attractive (or sometimes not - and I'm talking in the conventional sense), and says anything from "ur so hot" to "I want to have your babies" or "omg that ass" to "mmmm I love big women" there is always, without fail, a chorus of women heaping praise and adoration on him. Here's a pretty tame example I found earlier today (there are often way more swooning comments on wa…