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Unpopular Opinion: Not Everyone Gets to Identify as Fat

I stumbled upon this article today, written by yet another "fat" woman. If you look at the accompanying picture, it's pretty obvious she's around a size 12 or 14, which, statistically, is average, and at best chubby. Not fat. Even though, yes, every woman over a size 6 (and some below that size) is, at some point in her life, probably called fat (often, she's calling herself that). While there is nothing wrong with being fat, it's ridiculous that this happens. When did society get so hyperbolic?

I'm gonna say it again, and piss some people off: not everyone gets to self-identify as fat. If you can shop in a regular clothing store, and you're below a size 14, you're not "plus" sized. Some might even argue that "plus" denotes anything above a size 18, which is still generally available in the "regular" section of most clothing stores. I get that society defines "plus" as anything size 10 or larger, but this i…