Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Graphic Designer's Rabbit Hole

The Multi-tasking Graphic Designer's Rabbit Hole goes something like this:

1. Be working on your Shopify application/trial store.
2. Get email from Linked-in saying X, Y, and Z company are looking for someone awesome like you.
3. Go to Linked-in.
4. Realize you need to update stuff.
5. See that you can add presentations/files for each job listed.
6. Think "why just have a portfolio? I'm gonna make a branding document for X client".
7. Open InDesign, start making document.
8. Remember that you have to brand X company's logo for Halloween.
9. Open Illustrator.
10. Start making halloween logo.
11. Realize that you're spending too much time making a spider web.
12. Go to google and find a tutorial.
13. Get confused by the Windows keys (and also about why a graphic designer is using a PC).
14. Look for a Mac video.
15. Get tired of searching then just google Mac key equivalents.
16. Spend about 2 minutes actually making the spider web.
17. Tweet about it and share the helpful video link.
18. Take a break to describe why you never get shit done, on facebook.
19. *tummy grumbles*
20. Look at the pile of dishes you need to do before cooking.
21. Consider ordering in. Remember it's a vegetarian day and you have no money.
22. Finish the halloween logo.
23. Take out the spider web because it looks weird.
24. Close Illustrator.
25. Open Illustrator and try again.
26. Make that shit look good because you want spiderwebs, damnit!
27. Go back to the branding document.
28. *tummy grumbles*
29. Put on the news and give in to the tasks of cleaning and cooking, vowing to return to it all later.
30. Put on a show to watch while eating dinner.
31. Fall asleep during show.
32. Realize that this just got too long for facebook.
33. Log in to gmail.
34. Get distracted by all of the twitter notifications.
35. Open Blogger.
36. Get impatient because it's taking so long now that you're running Chrome (with 7 tabs open), Tweetdeck, Text edit, Illustrator, Indesign, and Skype.
37. Get distracted by the page views on your dashboard.
38. Make a blog post.
39. *tummy grumbles*
40. Realize the longer you blab about this, the longer it will take to actually do steps 22 through 31. They're only predictions at this point.
41. *tummy grumbles*
42. Publish your blog post.
43. Remember about the labels and an image and edit the blog post.
45. Scour google for 10 minutes for an image to go with the post.
46. Update the blog post.
47. Go back and post it on facebook.
48. Try to remember what you were doing?
49. Close all the wrong tabs.
50. Give up and go find food.

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